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Highlights – Graduates (Women) S13

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Here are the highlights from the women graduates photo shoot in Victor, Idaho at the picturesque Sky Mountain Lodge overlooking the Teton Basin. The students did a masterful job of capturing these beautiful models in their element. I hope you enjoy the highlights of the girls!






LaurenWalker-Graduates-Lauren1 AJBuruca-AnnieBrown-ViolinPlayer-Senior-Graduate-Graduation-GraduatePortrait-TalentPortrait-SeniorPortrait CallyAnnHamilton_DarbyPosition5 jailynnzenger_graduate4

jailynnzenger_graduate22 jailynnzenger_graduate6 JalissaRobinsonGraduate07_blog LaurenWalker-Graduates-Annie3 Manny-Quintero-girl-in-the-dark manny-quintero-graduate-potraits129


KatieBowns-VictorIdaho-Portraits-27 TTDesignbyTylerShearerSeniorPortraitsBYUIComm316-74 jailynnzenger_graduate29

manny-quintero-graduate-potrait-fashion-photography-sepia manny-quintero-graduate-potraits112 EmilyDavis-SeniorPortrait-Graduate1

Max-Gurel-Senior-Graduation-Portraits-30-400x599 KristinaD-Grads manny-quintero-senior-potrait-fashion-photography-blue-dress


Highlights – Graduates (Men) S13

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We had a great time on our first class photo excursion for Comm 316 shooting graduates/senior portraits with these 11 High School and College students at the Sky Mountain Lodge near Victor, Idaho. I was very pleased with the results of this photo shoot. The students did a great job, and it is easy to see why they are already getting many clients of their own. That is why the Comm 316 Professional Imaging class is so fun! This is exceptional work. I hope you enjoy these highlights of the male portraits.



















Highlights – Graduates (Pairs) S13

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A few of our graduates paired up with their siblings and best friends for these small group shots. Enjoy the amazing photography of the BYU-Idaho Comm 316 Professional Imaging students.










LaurenWalker-Graduates-couple1 manny-quintero-graduate-potraits101

Max-Gurel-Senior-Graduation-Portraits-28-683x1024 Max-Gurel-Senior-Graduation-Portraits-19-400x599 Max-Gurel-Senior-Graduation-Portraits-27-400x599 TTDesignbyTylerShearerSeniorPortraitsBYUIComm316-69 TTDesignbyTylerShearerSeniorPortraitsBYUIComm316-67


Highlights – Graduates (Groups) S13

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At then end of our Senior/Graduate photoshoot, the grads grouped together for some fun exchanges and showed their personalities! The photographers in the Comm 316 Professional Imaging class did an excellent job with the sunset lighting to wrap up a great session at the Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor, Idaho.


Rex-Warner-Teton-Portrait-21-of-29 Rex-Warner-Teton-Portrait-20-of-29 Max-Gurel-Senior-Graduation-Portraits-16-683x1024 manny-quintero-graduate-potraits1271 manny-quintero-graduate-potraits128 manny-quintero-graduate-potraits109 manny-quintero-graduate-potraits108 KatieBowns-VictorIdaho-Portraits-25

Highlights – Light Painting – Spring 2013

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Here are some highlights from the light paintings from our first Professional Imaging photo excursion. The students took these image in and around the Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor, Idaho. Thanks to a generous donor who allows classes to use this beautiful lodge in a breathtaking mountain setting with a stunning view of the Tetons.

The Spring semester Comm 316 students created some masterpiece light paintings both Indoors and Outdoors. Some were taken during ” blue hour” right after sunset and others were taken once the sky was filled with stars. the indoor light paintings were well executed and show advanced chiarascuro lighting techniques. The skill level is incredible with this class. Nice work, everyone! I see some amazing fine art prints here!

Manny Quintero - Light Painting (Dave Black Style) - Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone

Manny Quintero – Light Painting (Dave Black Style) – Mammoth Hot Springs – Yellowstone


Kenna Gurel – Vintage Still Life – Dave Black Style – Indoor Light Painting


Chelsea Call - HDR Light Painting (Caryn Esplin Style) Victor, Idaho

Chelsea Call – HDR Light Painting (Caryn Esplin Style) Victor, Idaho


A.J. Buruca – Vintage Cameras – Dave Black Style – Indoor Light Painting


A.J. Buruca – Vintage Cameras – Dave Black Style – Indoor Light Painting


Brad Sant- Vintage Soda Bottles – Dave Black Style – Indoor Light Painting


Jalissa Robinson – Still Life Arrangemtns – Dave Black Style – Indoor Light Painting


Manny Quintero – Outdoor Light Painting – Starry Sky


Manny Quintero – Indoor Light Painting – Vintage Soda Bottle Shadows on Tapestry

Highlights – Movie Posters – Spring 2013

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I am so proud of the way this Spring 2013 semester class created such amazing Movie Posters to introduce themselves to the class. Students were required to take a self-portrait and make themselves the main character in a movie. This project involves some great photography and image editing skills. Here are some of the highlights.

Jailynn Zenger:

Jailynn Zenger:

Lauren Walker:

Lauren Walker:

Jalissa Robinson:

Jalissa Robinson:


Brad Sant:

Brad Sant:


Manny Quintero:

Manny Quintero:

Comm 316 Pro Imaging – Awards

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We met for our final class to give out some awards for an amazing semester. Most of our class time together was spent on three weekend photo excursions. We also held a portfolio reception and an opening and closing ceremony. Thanks to all these students who worked so hard to complete all these things in one amazing semester.
1. Five portrait sessions
2. Six creative projects
3. Five marketing assignments
4. Complete a full-on professional website, complete with an functioning estore

Here are the awards I gave out yesterday, along with a link to each student website:

Katie Anderson – Love of Photography Award

Julie Peterson – Raw Talent Award

Austin Shurtliff – Versatile Visionary Award

Chantelle Zenger – Food & Product Award

A.J. Buruca – SEO King Award

Thane Clark – CEO & Best Website Award

Tim Wood – “Money” Award

Danny Morgan – Team Leader Award (Team Danny!)

Rebecca Johnston – Master of Composition Award

Jason Lucas – Genius Award

Casey Archibald – Queen of Portraits Award

Pratik Banjade – Power Portrait Award

Adrianna Teerlink – Best Balance Award

Brandon Fegenbush – Mastermind Award

Kris Fryer – Master of Light Award

Jenny Bullock – Happiness & Best Sport Award

Andrea Mehner – Contribution Award

Chris Luke – Inspirational Award

Billy Plank – Driver’s Seat Award

Oakley Jones – Stabilizer Award

First-Ever Professional Imaging Class – Fall Semster 2012



Highlights – Versatile Visionary

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I challenged the Pro Imaging students to post the photos they have taken that were NOT required this semester.. just for the love of photography. So several participated and posted some images from each excursion and some not taken on a class excursion to demonstrate what they like to shoot on their own, without a class assignment.  Here are some highlights from those who participated:  Austin Shurtliff, AJ Buruca, Chantelle Zenger, and a partial from Tim Wood and Kate Anderson.


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As a way to “give back” to others, the students in this Professional Imaging class each selected a way to donate their photography skills to help someone else. I was very touched by the many acts of service and I am now more inspired to do the same. Then we all feel like “paying if forward” and these simple acts of service can have a far-reaching effect to bless many lives. Here are a few of the many inspiring stories…

I was very touched to read about Andrea’s contribution. Her friend’s grandmother is in an assisted living facility. Andrea captured the most touching photos of them together. What a treasured memory these family photos will be. This is an inspiration for all of us who want to find a way to “give back” with our photography talents.

Julie’s friend was never able to have senior portraits done, so she offered to do them for her, even though it was after her senior year. What a great thing to do for someone before they get too far past that important milestone!

Austin captured some amazing and unusual photos of the Rexburg temple to donate them to a website so everyone can use them for free. He plans to take more and do the same, because he does not want to profit from temple photos. What a nice way to give back.

At Thanksgiving, Danny spent time with his family at his grandparents’ home. He went out during what I call the “blue hour” with a flashlight and used the light painting skills from this class to create several masterpieces of his grandpa’s unique yard. What a great way to pay tribute and preserve all those family memories for future generations. Not to mention how happy this must have made his grandpa to see the interest his grandson showed to illuminate these cherished family spots.

Chantelle took some beautiful portraits of an elderly couple in a great setting with amazing lighting and donated them. Many of you have performed similar acts of service to “give back” and help others who may not otherwise have any photographs to record certain times in their lives. What a great way to serve with your talents.